If you don’t set goals, how do you know if you’ve strayed?

My husband is bemused by my list making. When I announce, “I have a list”, his response is, “of course you do.”. I feel better when my life has structure. Besides I like planning, my planning may seem haphazard but there is a method to my madness.

So on the last day of January, here are my creative goals for 2019.

  • Finish embellishing my Italian gown. I realize that has to wait until I get it back from SRJC
  • Put cuffs on my camica and turn it in to the JC
  • accessories for the Italian gown
  • start planning a suffragette costume for 2020
  • doublet for Harry using the “Modern Maker” book
  • Venetians using MM
  • Take apart and remake my blue Victorian dress
Blue Victorian dress
My blue Victorian dress at 2007 Dickens Fair
  • Victorian chemise
  • Californio camisa
  • finish knitting mittens for my daughter
  • knit scarf for A.C. (the one I made got stolen!)
  • Change waistband on my son’s calzoneras to a more historical version
  • Finish trimming my purple Dickens dress.
  • Nicer bonnet for Dickens Fair to match blue dress
  • plan pirate fest costumes

In addition to those things I want to learn to use my new embroidery machine. I’m not interested in monogramming or decorating towels which seem to be what a lot of people do.

Another goal for 2019 is to go through my clothes and figure out my style again. I’ll write more about that later.

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