Rainbow coat obsession

Long ago I realized that while I love the idea of quilting, the planning out of the quilt, the buying of fabric for a quilt; I’m not a quilter. I’m not precise enough and for some reason a quilt seems like an impossibly big project.

Then there is knitting and crocheting, I don’t make blankets. I might start a blanket, but unless it’s a baby blanket, it is never going to be finished. I have finished crocheting one adult sized sweater. The Serged Dream Coat .

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly and later on I removed the orange panel at the waist and the changed the front to a wrap.

I also added pockets after shortening the coat at the waist.

I made one for my granddaughter in a child’s size 10, this time I followed the pattern except for adding a pocket at the waist.

I’m a big believer in pockets in a coat.

crocheted my youngest granddaughter, the Eloise Girl’s Sweater

For some reason the stripes are showing as white instead of lavender.

So what does this have to do with quilting?

I recently saw these gorgeous Lillemantel coats . They are a combination of felting and embroidery.

They remind me of a more sophisticated version of the Katwise coats which started my infatuation with fairy coats.

My idea is to combine crazy quilting techniques with felting or maybe just use a sweatshirt that I have and make a Lillemantel inspired tunic to wear with leggings.

What do you think? Great idea? I won’t know until I try.

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