Going to Costume College

Thrilled, nervous, excited, and of course, anxious, all those words describe how I am feeling. Last year, I bought a membership to Costume College.

This will be my second time attending, I went in 1996. Or at least I think it was 1996, could have been 1995. My oldest daughter was either 15 or 16 and she came with me. She says that all she remembers is that she got to order room service. We made a road trip out of it, eating at Carl’s Jr. because they were the only fast food on the 101 that took debit cards, how times have changed.

The theme for the Gala is the Opulent streets of Venice , which seems like a great place to wear my Italian Gown.

Folkwear Pattern Palm Beach Pants

The Folkwear Palm Beach Pants, pattern turned up at the thrift store and I was able to buy it for $6! They would be perfect for the Miss Fisher Friday day wear meet up. They are something I could wear all day.

The Sunday breakfast theme is Good Mourning. I have been thinking that I would like to make a 1920’s 1 hour have some black fabric that would be lovely. Originally I thought it was linen, but I just burn tested it and now I think it’s cotton with a finish of some sort. My goal for today is to measure it and decide if I want to make the Palm Beach pants or something for the breakfast. It would be lovely if I could do both.

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