Tiny things, making a fairy garden

When I was in elementary school, my best friend and I made a Borrower house in her back yard. We used matchboxes to create furniture and even made a tea kettle out of a hazelnut. That was over fifty years ago, recently, I have discovered Fairy Houses and Fairy Gardens.

Last year, when we were performing at the San Jose Renaissance and Fantasy Faire, we were lucky enough to camp next to Fairy Sam, who runs the fairy house making booth at several of the small Ren Faires. That got the idea of fairy houses into my head.

Later, while on a Facebook page for participants in the Dickens Fair, the topic of fairy houses came up. I confessed that I always wanted to make one. My friend, Leslie, said she did too, and another participant also chimed in. We found a time when all three of us were free and met at the booth.

The process is that you choose the house that you like, they are made of cardboard and mounted on a slice of wood. The stations where you work on your houses come with a variety of mosses, silk flowers, and other little things, also there is a helper/guide. In addition to the freebies, you can choose extras to add to your scene. I couldn’t resist a little dragon to add to the top of my house.

My finished fairy house

Since it’s made of cardboard, the little house sits on our mantel in the house.

Recently while shopping at Big Lots, I spotted resin fairy garden accessories. I bought three things and put them in the planter in front of the house. Our property is very shady and it’s been a struggle to get things to grow in the planter.

The little bus/diner has a solar powered light. I couldn’t resist taking this photo last night. If you look in the background you can spot a third little gnome with a yoke and pails.

These little figures were the gateway gnomes to a new passion. I’ve been doing research on miniature gardens in general and fairy gardens in particular. My granddaughters are coming for a visit in July and the plan is to make fairy gardens in our yard. I’ve acquired some already made things, and I’m saving up miscellaneous bottles and containers to turn into weatherproof houses.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

1 thought on “Tiny things, making a fairy garden”

  1. The café ! I adore fairy gardens you are so lucky to be building one, it seems like everyone is doing this now. Im sure nature will love this such as the birds, insects etc. Stay safe xx


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